Dr. Paul Paris is Given National Recognition as One of 2011's EMS 10 Innovators in EMS.

Dr. Paul Paris, Chief Medical Officer of CEM, was recognized today at the EMS TODAY conference in Baltimore as one of 2011’s EMS 10 Innovators in EMS. This national award is given annually to the top 10 innovators who drove the EMS industry forward in 2011. Dr. Paris was recognized for creating a unique partnership with the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF), a foundation in Pittsburgh that is nationally recognized for their leadership in patient safety efforts. Dr. Paris and JHF created the first class of EMS Safety Fellowship/ Quality Champions through a program which trained local EMS providers and leaders in patient and provider safety issues.

While the prestigious EMS 10 Innovators in EMS award only started four years ago, it is worth noting that this is the third time a member of CEM’s family has received the award. Dr. Frank Guyette, STAT MedEvac’s Medical Director, was in the inaugural class of recipients. Dr. Daniel Patterson, CEM’s Director of Research received the honor last year for his contributions to EMS safety research. Under Dr. Paris’s leadership, CEM has obviously created a culture of innovation and an organization that continues to make significant contributions to the field of EMS.

This recognition is yet another in a long list of visionary accomplishments in prehospital care for Dr. Paris. We are extremely fortunate to have his inspired leadership in CEM. Please join me in thanking Paul and congratulating him on his latest recognition.