EMSARN Investigators and Study Coordinators:

P. Daniel Patterson, PhD, NRP (Principal Investigator)    Email:

Matthew D. Weaver, PhD, EMT-P

Henry Wang, MD, MS

Terry Fairbanks, MD, MS

David Hostler, PhD

Michael Hubble, PhD

Francis X. Guyette, MD, MS

Jon Rittenberger, MD, MS

Christian Martin-Gill, MD, MPH

David T. Huang, MD, MPH

Judy Lave, PhD

David Krackhardt, PhD

Robert Arnold, MD

Donald M. Yealy, MD

Charley Warner, RN, NRP

Safety Culture

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Sleep Quality and Fatigue

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Turnover and Cost of Turnover in EMS

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Teamwork and Conflict in EMS

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Patient and Provider Safety Outcomes

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  • Patterson PD, Weaver MD, Abebe K, Martin-Gill C, Roth RN, Suyama J, Guyette FX, Rittenberger JC, Krackhardt D, Arnold R, Yealy DM, Lave J. Identification of Adverse Events in Ground Transport Emergency Medical Services. Am J Med Qual 2012 Mar-Apr;27(2):139-146. [Epub Ahead of Print 2011 Aug 4]. PMID: 21816967.
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Book Chapters

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