Core Lecture Series

During the first three months of fellowship, first-year fellows receive daily orientation lectures in order to establish a basis of knowledge. Lectures and workshops focus on the major core medical toxicology curriculum. During this orientation period, the fellow works directly with a faculty member to acquire the basic skills needed for a fellow to work independently.

Daily Didactics

Each week, chapters are reviewed from an Occupational Medicine, Critical Care Toxicology, and/or Wilderness Medicine textbook. These sessions formally review required core curriculum topics from the premier medical toxicology textbooks. The textbooks include Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies, Critical Care Toxicology, Auerbach’s Wilderness Medicine, and Clinical Environmental Health and Toxic Emergencies. Both faculty and fellow read the selected chapters and prepare board review questions regarding the material on a weekly basis. Each book chapter is discussed in detail in a round table format. Much of the medical toxicology core content is covered in this fashion over the two-year fellowship.

Journal Club

On Friday mornings, the entire medical toxicology team meets for Journal Club. The intent is to cover current relevant medical toxicology scientific literature.  The fellows, rotating residents, medical students and faculty select appropriate literature for review during these sessions. The literature is critiqued and reviewed in detail. Journal Club incorporates the Socratic method of teaching in an engaging format. 

Weekly Schedule Example:

8:00 Pre-rounds
9:00 Teaching Rounds
11:00 Poison Cntr Cases
8:00 Pre-rounds
9:00 Teaching Rounds
11:00 Occ Med Chapter 
8:00 Pre-rounds
9:00 Teaching Rounds
11:00 Goldfrank Chapter
8:00 Pre-rounds
9:00 Teaching Rounds
11:00Forensics (1st Thurs); 
Research (2nd ); 
Wilderness (3rd )
8:00 Teaching Rounds
10:00 Tox Journal Club






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