EM K12 Lecturers


Rudy Koster, MD 11/1/12 "Resuscitation in Holland: Challenges and Opportunities"

Brendan Carr, MD 11/8/12 " Building Accountable Systems of Care for Unplanned Illness"

Karl Kern, MD 11/15/12 "Optimal Post Resuscitation Care"

David Huang, MD 12/13/12 "Bringing Balance to the (EM-CCM) Force; An Ongoing and Highly Stimulating Challenge"


Bryn Mumma, MD 1/17/13 "National Institute of Health Funding in Emergency Medicine"

Deepika Mohan, MD 2/28/13 "Time Pressure Decision Making in Trauma Triage"

Margo Holm, PhD 3/7/13 "Demystifying Outcome Tool Selection: A Primer"

Michael Donnino, MD 3/21/13 "Thiamine as a Metabolic Resuscitator in Critical Illness"

Matthew Rosengart, MD 4/25/13 "Making Your Way in the World Today Takes Everything You've Got"

Bill Barsan, MD 5/23/13 "Leadership Lessons"

Alex Ducruet, PhD 5/30/13 "Commercialization of Academic Research: Protecting Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer"

Sarah Jahnke, MD 7/18/13 " Quality and Quantity: Obesity, Tobacco and Health Behavior"

Raina Merchant, MD 9/26/13 "Social Media, Mobile Media, and Public Health"

Daniel Patterson, PhD 10/17/13 "Health Services Research"

Robert Hickey, MD 12/18/13 "Lessons Learned in a Career Comprising Basic, Translational and Clinical Research"


Donald M. Yealy, MD 2/19/14 "The ProCESS Trial: Designing Large Scale Clinical Research"

Christopher Seymour, MD 3/19/14 "Pre Hospital Biomarkers to Predict Critical Illness"

Mark Angelos, MD 5/21/14 "Myocardial Regeneration for Ischemic Heart Failure"

Jason Sperry, MD 10/15/14 "Trauma Trials"

Manish Shah, MD 12/17/14 "Developing a “research” career: Asking the Hard Questions, Searching for the Answers"


EM K12 Scholar Updates 1/29/15

David Wright, MD 2/18/15 "Translating from the Bench to Clinical Trials"

Michelle Biros, MD 3/18/15 "Alternatives to Informed Consent"

Judd Hollander, MD 4/16/15 "How to Successfully Collaborate with Industry"

Ron Maio, DO 5/20/15 "Non-NIH Funding and My Research Career: A Personal Odyssey"

Steve Williams, PhD 11/4/15 "Missing Data:  Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment"

Jordan Karp, MD 12/16/15 "Future Directions for the Pharamacotherapy of Treatment-Resistand Depression in Late-Life:  The role of the Opiate System and Opiods Agents"


Clinical Trials Group 1/21/16 "Lessons from Clinical Trail Implementation"

Roger Lewis, MD 2/18/16 "An Introduction to Adaptive Clinical Trail Design"

Arjun Venkatesh, MD 4/20/16 "New Opportunities to Utilize Medicare Data Research & Policy"

Ian Stiell, MD 5/19/16 "Creating Evidence to Improve the Safety & Effectiveness of ED Patient Care"