Emergency Medicine Elective (EMED 5450)

At the University of Pittsburgh, we offer a four week elective in emergency medicine for fourth year medical students. Students must complete at least 128 hours of clinical time in an assigned emergency department. After each shift, the attending physician with whom the student worked completes a "shift evaluation", commenting on the student's performance and providing a grade of honors, high pass, pass or fail. The students taking this elective must also complete a total of 15 hours of didactic sessions at our simulation center. Our didactic sessions expose the student to over 50 critical simulation scenarios and 50-75 less critical cases. The students are evaluated on their decision-making skills, fund of knowledge, and their ability to work as a team member. The students also create their own simulation cases and teach their fellow students, allowing us to examine their creativity and teaching potential. At the completion of the course, the grade is formulated by averaging the clinical grades and factoring in the performance of the student during the didactic sessions. Students are not required to take a written exam. Our elective typically accommodates 8-10 students per month, including several visiting students.

Get Ready for Residency (MSELCT 4444)

Medical Toxicology (EMED 5460)

This four-week clinical elective provides students an experience in the assessment and treatment of toxicology patients. Students spend time with toxicology faculty and fellows in consultation, examination, treatment, and follow-up of patients in the emergency, inpatient and outpatient settings. The clinical experience includes daily clinical rounds on inpatients, outpatient consults, including Children's Hospital and Pittsburgh Poison Center case reviews. Medical students attend daily rounds with the medical toxicology fellows and join the attending on cases presenting to UPMC Presbyterian, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and UPMC Mercy Hospital. A portion of the rotation is held at the Pittsburgh Poison Center, where students will learn from current patient cases and summary case reviews. In addition, daily teaching sessions are provided by members of the Medical Toxicology Service. 

Point of Care Ultrasound (EMED 5465)

This rotation serves as an introduction to the use of point of care ultrasonography (POCUS) over the course of 4 weeks. The course will expose students to the use of focused, point of care ultrasonography to make bedside clinical decisions for the care of acutely ill patients. POCUS is one of the most rapid growing skills in contemporary medicine. It has spread from specific use by Cardiology, OBGYN & Radiology to broader applications for virtually any organ system or procedural guidance.

Research (EMED 5898)

Science of Resuscitation (ILS) (EMED 5735)

Senior Elective in Quality and Patient Safety (5470)

Mini Electives:  

Anatomic Ultrasonography 

Bystander Emergency Response 

Introduction to Disaster Management 

Essential Proceedures in Clinical Medicine 

The Emergency Expert 


If you have any questions about the rotations above, please contact Mary Margaret Murtha at murthamm@upmc.edu