Employee Benefits

The University of Pittsburgh Department of Emergency Medicine currently offers its trainees the following salaries and benefits:

Year Salary Vacation Education Allowance
PGY-1 $58,556 Three Weeks $1,800
PGY-2 $60,259 Three Weeks $1,800
PGY-3 $61,441 Three Weeks $1,800
PGY-4 $64,478 Three Weeks $3,000
PGY-5 $68,044 Three Weeks $3,000
PGY-6 $69,504 Three Weeks $3,000

All trainees receive the following benefits:

Health Insurance: UPMC Health Plan
Dental Insurance
Life Insurance (amount equal to the even thousand dollars above the annual stipend)
Medical malpractice insurance by Tri-Century Insurance
Paid short-term disability of up to twelve weeks of complete disability; long-term disability insurance coverage
EMRA/ACEP dues paid annually
SAEM dues paid annually
Residents whose research is accepted for presentation at a state or national meeting are eligible for financial support from the residency to attend the conference and present their research.

Trainee Contract

Each trainee with the University of Pittsburgh Department of Emergency Medicine must sign a training contract.  A reappointment contract must be signed at the beginning of each successive year.  

Trainee Contract Overview

Trainee Contract


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