EMS Education Conference

April 23, 2019 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm


University of Pittsburgh Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Division of EMS presents:

EMS Education Conference

*please not early start - 3 sessions

12:00-1:00p Provider Health, Wellness, and Fatigue
Vincent N. Mosesso, MD
P. Daniel Patterson, PhD

Reading List - NAEMSP Text 2nd Edition:
Ch. 2.20 EMS Provider Wellness
Ch. 2.23 Medical Surveillance of Emergency Response Personnel
Ch. 2.24 Prevention and Intervention for Psychologically Stressful Events

1:00-2:00p Perimortem Cesarean Section
Christian Martin-Gill, MD

Reading List - NAEMSP Text 2nd Edition:
Ch. 1.41 Physiology of Pregnancy
Ch. 1.42 Emergencies of Pregnancy
Ch. 1.43 Normal Childbirth
Ch. 1.44 Childbirth Emergencies
Ch. 1.45 Perimortem Cesarean Section

2:00-3:00p Obstetric and Gynecological Emergencies
Rickquel Tripp, MD

Reading List - NAEMSP Text 2nd Edition:
Same as above


Forbes Tower
Conference Room 10016
3600 Forbes at Meyran
Pittsburgh, PA 15213