T32 Fellowship in Emergency Care

We offer an NHLBI-sponsored T32 research training in Emergency Care for postdoctoral trainees (2017-present).  The T32 experience is aimed at investigators during or immediately after clinical training or residency, prior to application to K-level career development awards.  T32 Funding may be possible for Research Fellows who are eligible for NIH training grants.

Past Postdoctoral Fellows from our T32 program

Alex Weissman, MD, MS, MPH

Kathleen Noorbakhsh, MD, MPH, MS

Kevin Cullison, MD

Nadine Talia, MD

Nancy Mikati, MD

David Barton MD, MS


This T32 has also short-term appointments for predoctoral students.  These opportunities are aimed at medical students or others in doctoral programs who want to spend a few months focused on emergency care research.