Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a USMLE cutoff score to apply to our program?

There is not a cutoff score. 

Is the Step 2 of USMLE required before applying?

Step 2 is not required for the application process, but is required for appointment to our program. We prefer to have your Step 2 score before our rank list is submitted.

How many SLOEs are mandatory for application to your program?

We require 3 letters of recommendation, at least one of which and preferably two are SLOEs. A minimum of three and a maximum of four letters of recommendation are accepted.

Will you consider an applicant with only one EM rotation?

Yes. There are many circumstances that come into play, and we understand that not all applicants are able to secure or afford additional EM rotations. This year, applications will still be accepted from those students with home institutions that do not offer an EM rotation and were unable to complete an away EM rotation due to the pandemic. 

What is your policy of post-interview communication?

You are always welcome to contact our office with updates and/or questions. We do not initiate any post-interview communications unless there is a question about your application. Please understand that even if you do not receive any communication from us after your interview, we remain deeply interested in our candidates after their interview with our program.