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The University of Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Residency offers a three-year program committed to the training of emergency physicians who will assume leadership roles in clinical care, research, teaching, and administration. 

The first year of training provides a solid foundation, including 7.5 months of emergency department experience. First year residents also receive training in areas such as critical care and trauma. A dedicated "triple threat" month combines experiences in anesthesia, OB, and ultrasound. Finally, a month-long series of core education and skills workshops in September of the first year provides a comprehensive introduction to the body of knowledge and skills the emergency physician must master.

In the second and third years, the focus is more exclusively on the delivery of emergency medical care in both prehospital and hospital settings. There is increased time spent in the emergency department and increased involvement in all aspects of prehospital care. In the strong teaching environment of the residency hospitals, supervised experience and bedside teaching enable the resident to develop procedural skills, critical thinking and clinical judgment and to master the application of medical knowledge in the clinical setting. Second and third year residents provide medical command for prehospital care personnel and fly as crew members for STAT MedEvac, the largest single operated and dispatched air-medical transport system in the United States.  STAT MedEvac operates seventeen helicopter base sites in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.  Second and third year residents also staff a dedicated EMS response vehicle, providing online and in-person medical command to Pittsburgh EMS.

  Number of months
Rotation PGY 1 PGY 2 PGY 3
Presbyterian Hospital ED 1.5 2.5 2.5
Mercy Hospital ED 2 2.5 3
Shadyside Hospital ED 1 1 1
Children's Hospital ED 1.5 1 1.5
Magee Women's Hospital ED 0.5    
September Core Education Month + ED 1    
Mercy Hospital ICU 1.5    
Presbyterian Hospital SICU 1    
Presbyterian Hospital Trauma 1   1
Triple Threat (Anesthesia/OB/Ultrasound) 1    
Toxicology/Mercy Hospital ED   1  
Prehospital Care   1 1
Triple Threat (Ophtho/Children's Anesthesia/Ultrasound) 1  
Shadyside Hospital MICU   1  
Mercy/Presbyterian Trauma   1  
St. Clair Hospital ED     1
Elective     1

To see the block rotation schedule, click below:

Block Rotation Schedule