Hyperbaric Medicine Safety Considerations

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Smoking is not recommended during the time you are treated. The nicotine
in cigarettes causes small blood vessels in the body to constrict. This
decreases blood flow to any damaged tissues and impairs healing. Many
insurance companies will deny coverage for hyperbaric therapy to
patients who are currently smoking.

Nothing flammable is allowed in the hyperbaric chamber. Items that have the potential to produce a spark are also prohibited. Do not bring matches or a cigarette lighter.

The following items are prohibited when you come for treatment:

  • makeup, including lipstick or lip balm
  • nail polish
  • hair spray or hair oil
  • perfume, cologne, or aftershave
  • deodorant
  • wigs or hairpieces
  • ointments, liniments, salves, or petroleum jelly
  • mustache wax
  • hand warmers
  • anything electronic

If you have any questions about the safety of any product you are using or wearing, please ask the hyperbaric medicine staff about it before you enter the chamber.