Cerebral Performance Categories - Extended (CPC-E)

Cerebral Performance Categories - Extended (CPC-E)

The Cerebral Performance Categories - Extended (CPC-E)  is a valid and reliable criterion-referenced tool based on the original Cerebral Performance Categories (CPC) (Safar, 1981) and consists of 10 items.  Six items are to be administered in the hospital prior to discharge (Alert, Short Term Memory, Logical Thinkng, Attention, Motor, and Basic Activities of Daily Living), and 4 items (Mood, Fatigue, Complex Activities of Daily Living, and Return to Work) are to be administered post-discharge.  Although originally designed to be used with cardiac arrest survivors, some have found the CPC-E to be useful in the ICU and acute care settings.

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We hope you find the CPC-E to be a useful tool for your clinical practice and/or scientific projects.

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