Alex Farthing, MD (They/Them)

  • PGY-1

About Me

Hometown:  Evansville, IN
College/University:  Amherst College
Medical School: University of Michigan

What are your career goals?
Academic EM, strongly considering EMS fellowship, would also love to get involved in disaster relief/humanitarian aid

What did you do the summer before internship?
Took a road trip around western Massachusetts and Connecticut to visit some friends I hadn't seen since the pandemic started and visit my college town

What do you like to do outside of medicine?
Cook and bake, technical theatre (stage managing to lights, I've done it all), singing, hiking, kayaking, and getting into rock climbing

Reflections on the Pitt EM Program

What were you looking for in a residency program? 
I was looking for strong community that looks out for and supports each other, high volume with underserved patient populations, and EMS opportunities

What are the strengths of the Pitt EM program? 
Really well established program with a lot of history, great fellowship opportunities and experience with EMS, a variety of clinical sites that are all associated with UPMC (all under the same leadership), and great community!

What has surprised you most about Pitt?
The strength of all the other services we work with- I didn't look into the strength of other specialties when I applied, but I think it'll make off service rotations a lot smoother!

About Pitt EM and Pittsburgh

What do you like best about living in Pittsburgh/Western PA?
I'm living in the Strip District and really enjoying all the small markets, restaurants, and street fairs! It's been beautiful living on the river and spending time exploring outside.

Where did you choose to live, and why?
I chose to live in the Strip District because it's pretty centrally located to all the hospitals, but there's also a lot of cool markets to explore and shop at!

What advice would you give to incoming residents about moving to the 'Burgh? 
Pittsburgh is a pretty perfect mid-sized city. Big enough to have a lot to do, but small enough to still be navigable