Simulation and Motion Capture

Performing medical procedures requires both cognitive training and psychomotor skill.  Teasing apart these components is both an educational goal and a research activity for the department.  One technique to study the actual performance of procedures is Motion Capture Analysis.  A computer uses multiple cameras to capture the three-dimensional motion of particular points on a provider, the equipment, and the patient.

In partnership with investigators at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Jestin Carlson is quantifying the detailed movements involved with gaining expertise in endotacheal intubation.  This work may allow us to optimize the education of trainees (physicians and paramedics).

Pictured is an experienced provider set up for motion capture with markers attached.  The markers are highly reflective in infrared (second picture), allowing cameras to track movements.  Using multiple cameras, the 3-D position of each marker can be recorded in detail.