About APL

Dedicated to promoting health and wellness through research and education.

Mission: The Applied Physiology Lab's mission is to advance health and wellness by expanding our understanding of acute and chronic challenges to physiology.  We innovate to detect and predict physiologic derangements, optimize recovery, and improve performance.

APL faculty and students work to accomplish this mission through research, education, and application.

Research: Multidisciplinary research is critical to improving health and wellness.  Our approach permits the end-user to define a question.  The APL will design an experimental line to answer the question.  In addition to clinical physiology, the APL employs animal models and biochemical approaches to provide mechanistic insight and consider potential therapeutic targets.

Education: Without dissemination to the end-user, research cannot reach its full potential.  The APL will develop a local and national presence to provide educational programming.  We maintain an updated website describing our current research along with prior projects and outcomes.

Application: APL is committed to distilling research into practical guidelines.  We are also committed to providing tailored fitness and nutrition information to the public and our users.  We will work to maximize use of current technology while developing and evaluating future technologies to improve detection and prediction of physiologic derangements.