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"One* and done: A comparison of abbreviated dexamethasone therapy versus extended steroid therapy for the treatment of pediatric asthma exacerbations"

"Renal Colic - Sono, CT or Somethin' Else?"

"What To Do When There's No CDU: Low Risk Chest Pain in The ED"

"Why so delirious? Delirium Screening in the Emergency Department"

"Predictors of Radiographic Pneumonia in Children...Does the Magic 8 Ball Say "Reply
Hazy, Try Again, or Signs Point to Yes?”

"Age is Just a Number: Adjusting D-Dimer Cutoffs to Rule Out PE"

"I've Got a Trauma, and the Only Prescription is more Pan Scans"


"A Baby With a Fever, What Else IS New?"

"So You've Got A Fever...Now What?"

"No tPA for you! What else is there?"

"One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

"Save the trauma for your mama...don't pan-scan my kid"

"If the heart is straining, should tPA be draining? A sober look at tPA in submassive PE"

"Man Bites Dogma: Treatment of Dog Bites in the ED"

"Does Size Matter? Pigtail Catheter versus Large Bore Chest Tube For Traumatic

"All Bleeding Stops Eventually: Tranexamic Acid in the Bleeding Trauma Patient"

"Dead or Simply Forgotten: The Value of an aVR in Predicting Acute Coronary Disease"

"Beyond Rivers: How to Survive and ARISE from Sepsis, What's the ProCESS?"

"Pro-calcitonin - No More Amateur Hour In the Diagnosis of LRTI"


"What's Evidence Got To Do With It?  Antiplatelet Agents, Intracranial Hemorrhage, and Platelet Transfusion"

"Not so FAST little guy: The role of the FAST exam in pediatric blunt trauma"

"Fluid Restriction Resuscitation in Adult Traumas"

"You Want to Put a Needle Where? - Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Diagnosis in the ED"

"Strep Club: The Naked Truth About Treating Sore Throat"

"You give me Fever... Fever in the morning... Fever all through the night" - Hot Topics on the Febrile Infant"

"Does this Patient with an Atraumatic Headache Need Neuroimaging?"

"Oh, say, can you PCC: Prothrombin Complex in Warfarin Reversal"

"Play It Safe or Play Brain Roulette? Anticoagulated patients with Negative Head CTs
after Trauma: Discharge, Observe, or Repeat CT Scan?"

"Night of the Living Dead: Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation"

"Cardioversion/Conversion of Atrial Fibrillation in the ED"

"Just Some Cold Goo: Sonography in the Evaluation of Suspected Appendicitis"