Post Cardiac Arrest Service

The Post Cardiac Arrest Service (PCAS) is a multidisciplinary group dedicated to improving care and outcomes for patients who survive CPR.  A physician is on call to consult on post-cardiac arrest patients at any time during their recovery (minutes to years after CPR). A large number of physicians, nurses, investigators, and other stakeholders provide input from many disciplines on protocols, best practices, and care of these patients. 

The clinical care by PCAS is a platform for multiple investigations and creation of new knowledge.   List of PCAS Publications.

Started in 2007 and based at UPMC-Presbyterian, this service grows each year. PCAS sees over 350 post-cardiac arrest patients per year. Patients treated by PCAS demonstrate the highest survival in the region. Patient survival continues to be improved for years after resuscitation.   


For more information about cardiac arrest or post cardiac arrest care you may contact the Post Cardiac Arrest Service physician 24/7 at UPMC Presbyterian through UPMC MedCall at 412-647-7000 or 1-800-544-2500

If you are a health care provider and want follow up on a Post Cardiac Arrest Service patient please contact Clif Callaway at 412-647-9047 or OR Ankur Doshi at 412-647-3078 or