Anthony Pizon

Professor of Emergency Medicine, Chief of the Division of Medical Toxicology

Dr. Pizon's current research interests include the novel pharmaceutical management of withdrawal syndromes, the evaluation of cost effective care provided by medical toxicologists, and biomarkers of hepatic injury after acetaminophen toxicity. However, his real passion lies in the education of fellows, residents, and medical students.

Academic & Clinical Titles

Attending Emergency Physician & Medical Toxicologist, UPMC

Chief of the Division of Medical Toxicology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Medical Review Officer, UPMC Urgent Care

Program Director, Fellowship in Medical Toxicology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Board Certifications

Medical Toxicology, American Board of Emergency Medicine

Addiction Medicine, American Board of Preventative Medicine

Emergency Medicine, American Board of Emergency Medicine

Education & Training


Medical Toxicology - Banner University Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ


Emergency Medicine - University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Medical School

MD - University of Toledo, Toledo, OH


BS - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA


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